West Ivanhoe Sporting Club

Game fixtures can be found at BDNA website fixture.  The full season's fixture is not yet available as the first four game sof each season are grading games to determine which grade (within each age group) in which teams will play.

To find the correct information for your team, make sure you select the correct Season (Season 1 2016) and the correct grade.  Currently West Ivanhoe teams are in the following grades (this may change after week 4):

U9  Blue Belles - 9/under (ie not reserve)

U11 Blue Robins - 11/under 3

U11 Blue Jays - 11/under

U13 Blue Cats & Blue Birds - 13/under 3

U13 Blue Tails - 13/under

If you are not sure of your team, contact your team manager or coach.




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