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The full committee met on 20 May. Key headlines from the meeting: New Vice President; Where your fees go; Sunday training review; and seeking fundraising coordinator/s.

New Vice President
Louisa Tillig has resigned from her role and the Committee acknowledge Louisa’s high-energy input to the club’s success since 2018. Before taking on the VP role late 2020, Louisa worked as the Team Manager Coordinator and has helped the club move to TeamApp and appoint our part-time Admin Support position. Louisa will remain around the club of course and will assist to update the website from time to time. Per the By Laws, the VP role must be filled as part of the club Executive. We are grateful to Alan Watson, already Head Coach & Uniform Coordinator, for stepping into the VP role for the remainder of the year.

Where your fees go
Your Club fees provide coverage for BDNA match fees, a small reward for Coaches, Coach registration and insurance, Team registration, Club registration, equipment including bibs, first aid supplies, and balls. Other expenses such court maintenance, banking fees, marketing, and utilities. We target a net $0 result at the end of the season. The Committee operates voluntarily.

Sunday training review
The Committee and Coaching staff have received feedback from multiple age groups, coaches and club members/parents that Sunday afternoon training is not working. Some teams have already moved to other training slots. Alan, the Coaches, and the committee will consult & review this contentious timeslot and look to make changes in Season 2. Please give any feedback by Fri 14 June via your Team Manager who will coordinate with the review.

Seeking fund raising coordinators
Some people just love to arrange an event! You know the right people, and don’t mind donating your time over a short period to a good cause. If this is you, we need your help – our sporting club relies on fund raising for funding key projects and contributing to our surplus. A financial surplus gives the club flexibility to develop programs and initiatives that support players, develop coaches (current & emerging) and ensures our netball equipment is up to scratch. And a social event will be fun! Please contact the club or anyone on the committee if you can volunteer for fund raising coordination.

Talk again in about a month.

A reminder the committee are all volunteer positions. Constructive feedback welcome.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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